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Germano Marchetti is a master designer/maker of Italian fine furniture living in Barcelona. He began his career in 1998, where he worked in partnership with interior designers and architects in renovating residential projects in various historical districts from the 1920´s-1950´s. While renovating these vintage properties he began to mix historic references with contemporary elements. Now devoting himself fulltime to furniture design and fabrication, Germano employs his cultural and artistic education and experiences to design pieces that have unique character and personality while faithfully incorporating functionality and comfort. His furniture most often originate from design references of the early decades of the 20th Century, from art deco 20´s/30´s to mid-century modern. By referring to, but not copying from, those time periods, he brings his own unique interpretation through his use of wood, metal, glass and stone. The result is a style which he calls "ricerche temorali" or temporally researched design.
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